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Render Notifier

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Render Notifier

Neeraj Lagwankar
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Render Notifier

Tired of constantly checking whether the render is finished or not? Well, worry no more! This addon will notify on Telegram using the Telegram bot.

How to use it:

  1. Click on to got the Telegram bot.

  2. Click on "Start" to start the conversation.

  3. Type /getid to get your chat id and copy the received chat id.

    Please Note: Do not expose this chat id to anyone as the chat id is permanent and cannot be changed. All the notifications will go to the entered chat id.

  4. Install the addon, enable it and enter the copied id in the "Telegram client ID" field.

  5. And that's it! You'll receive notifications any time the render finishes.

    If you run into any issues, or want to request any features, you can do so on GitHub:


    • Feature: Add an option to disable notification for all frames while rendering animation and only send a notification when the complete animation is rendered. This is extremely useful when you're rendering more than 30 frames to avoid constant bombardment of notifications.


    • Feature: Notify on Telegram when an image is rendered.

    • Feature: Notify on Telegram when an image sequence is rendered.

    • Feature: Notify on Telegram when a render is cancelled.

    • Feature: Send stats of all frames rendered as a final notification when an image sequence is finished rendering.

Upcoming: More integrations and features to existing integration(s).

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